After a four-year hiatus, Sunny Giovanni returns with a dark, urban-romance. A winding road for young Caine Taylor who lands in the home of Dominic Laveaux, better known as South Dallas Dom. The initial thought of her being sold is quickly ejected when Dom learns of Caine's mother's murder. With so many changing faces, the plot thickens as the two are forced to stick together in the middle of a turf war that has absolutely nothing to do with them. However, Dom stops at nothing to make sure Caine is protected at all cost. Little does he know, Caine is holding the answer to stop all the bloodshed. If he calm his devilish ways, he would be able to see that Caine has more talent than one that could help him. The man who has no heart begins to feel again, the more Caine dwells within the walls of his domain. Perhaps catching feelings could cost him his business and the girl he tries to ignore during what seems like a never-ending battle.