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Dallas's December: Passion of the Troll Prince

December never knew what love was until a chance meeting at a bar where a tall, dark and handsome stranger saves her life from five stray bullets. Without knowing who he was, she sets out to find out why he had the gall to save her, and why, to him, she was so important in the first place.
Dallas Stone-- one of the Protectors of the Dire-- who is also the denounced Troll Prince never forgets a face. Newly over the dramatic events to make sure the Turnroses were safe and sound before he went off overseas, he's back home, single and more than ready to mingle. His run-in with December opens his nostrils and piques his curiosity.
Upon meeting the mysterious damsel for the second time, they spin a steamy, dangerous relationship full of sticky sheets and adrenaline rushes, all the while learning of who one another really is. A stealth Marine, and a highly-paid hitwoman. Between a Troll and a headstrong Orca, love has to present for survival. However, Dallas's promises to Crystal Turnrose come back to bite him in the backside, putting his whirlwind romance in jeopardy. Neither of them ceases to run out of skeletons in their closets, but will they run out of patience for what they truly desire: Each other?

Sire's Broken Crystal 2: All the Kingsmen

Disconnected, Crystal last heard her love's voice in the distance, and Yawha was yanked from the foyer of his father's home. The accuser is set to stand trial, yet everyone wonders where Yawha is. Truths are unmasked. Some who she thought would be in her corner, mainly her own sister, Sasha, gives her coldness. It seems as though it's royalty over loyalty. Upset, Crystal is confused as to why there are so many people trying to protect her but there's not enough talk about Yawha, where he is or if he's even still alive. Among chasing the love of her life, Crystal is destined to stand trial against her supposed father-in-law, but not before all of the Kingsmen show their faces to show the pureblood human their support against rumors, harassment, and violet threats.

Sire's Broken Crystal: Kiss the Night

To be a member of the Monarchy, it comes with great consequences. For instance, having to keep yourself pure for an alpha wife that you might not ever have when there are many gorgeous women willing to allow you to slip inside for a secret night or two. After having his chosen wife choose to leave him three years prior, Yawha was on a downward spiral. That was of course, until he came across Crystal Welch for a single date. What was supposed to be a dance and dinner for the Peace Ball turned into much more. Nights of passion and sweet 'I love you's', tender kisses and the hopes of living out the rest of his days with her.
His father's kingdom is falling apart, so he must lend a hand, even if it gets bitten in the process by Gray-- his egotistical father who doesn't listen to anything or anyone, and only lives by his own powerful list of rules that seem to keep everyone else caged in.
However, Crystal is not only the sister-in-law to Aaron Feròz, the Lycan King, but Jerome McIntyre, the Leprechaun King. Neither realm is quite fond of the way Yawha and his realm of pureblood vampires are handling things. To have Crystal-- who is already broken from previous relationships-- stuck in the middle doesn't sit well with Aaron or the family. But with a dive of hope, she's willing to take the chance at love, even at the cost of being hurt all over again... and even if it costs her, her life.


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