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who, what, why is marcelle sixx?


Needing a new brand to pen paranormal, I branched out the Sunny Giovanni name into a new. The original name wasn't supposed to be Marcelle. It took myself and the publisher almost two days to come up with a suitable, attractive name. We decided on Marcelle to pay homage to my Haitian-Creole roots. Sixx being the last name was chosen because it's my favorite number and a sign of change. Most thought that my debut as Marcelle in July of 2016 with The Grey House release was my first ever thriller-paranormal. NEGATIVE. I'd actually been writing for 13 years until that point. However, I didn't have a name. It was very important to me to put my thrillers, paranormal romances, and urban thrillers on paper because there are many of genres to read that the young adult urban and African American romances I was used to penning. Why read one of my paranormal works? Because you never know what you might get. There might be a strong female lead, a dark male, or plenty of kinky, nasty, possible illegal sex scenes aside from action and emotional pages. Marcelle Sixx is not just a name or a person. It is a proven brand of a multitude of unforgettable stories.